Football Netting,Soccer Field Barrier Netting

Football Netting also is called Soccer Netting, MWN manufactures and exports Football Nets and Soccer Barrier Net.
Color: white,black or customized.
Material: Nylon,PE,PP,Polyester
Mesh: 4", 5"

Features of our Football Net:
1. having a great wear resistance and high shock absorption capacity.
2. the shape of nets and corner tag makes it much easier to install
3. improved weaving technology improves the appearance of the nets.
4. the netting mesh is of interlocking design and cannot be displaced

Soccer Barrier Net
Mesh: 1 3/4",3",4",5"
Dimension:10' x 10';10' x 15';10' x 20'; 10' x 25'; 10' x 30'; 10' x 35'; 10' x 40'; 10' x 50'; 10' x 80'; 10' x 100'

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